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1. Installation

1. To install mobile version, please back up your site's files.

2. Extract the contents of this archive into www/ or public_html/ folder on your web server.

3. Visit your website from mobile client- it is automatically detected and mobile version is shown to user.

2. Compatibility

1. Mobile version is compatible with GroupScript 4.4+. It might work on 4.3 and 4.2 but we have not tested it extensively and usage of mobile version on a version earlier than 4.4 is not supported.

2. Device/Browser compatibility: mobile version is compatible with modern smartphones (iPhone, Symbian, Android) and tablet devices (iOS or Android based).

It is also compatible with Opera Mini browser, which makes it possible to use mobile version on older, non-smartphone devices.

3. General usage

1. Mobile version is automatically detected by user-agent of mobile device. We have tested it on most commond handheld devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Opera Mobile). However, you migth want to add a link to mobile version in your main theme, in case there are unrecognized devices.

2. If you want to include a link to mobile version in your main design theme, you can do it by adding ?mobile_version to the end of your site's address. For example, will disable auto-detection of mobile devices for duration of browser's session.

Another parameter you can use is ?full_version - it will also disable auto-detection for the current session and will show main theme regardless of user-agent.

You can see a demo of the mobile version in action at:

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