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Since 3.0 version coupons are sent out after enough users have purchased the deal (when the deal tips). In older script versions coupons are sent out after campaign end time was reached (and if enough users pay for the deal).

If your campaign reached enough buyers, but coupons were not sent out, then check these things:

  1. Are your email settings correct? You can test them by sending out a test coupon in Backend > Campaigns > Send test coupon to your own email
  2. Is cron job set up? Check if you have added cron jon correctly and set it to run every 15 minutes
  3. Do not change campaign status from "In progress" to "successful" yourself, it needs to change automatically (the cron job will change this).

How are emails sent out?

When deal is tipped, coupons are sent out with cron job

  • file: system\application\libraries\Send_newsletter.php
  • function: send_coupon_codes()

After deal is tipped, coupons are sent out right after user makes purchase:

  • file: system\application\libraries\Email_body.php
  • function: send_coupon()
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