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New features

  • Added a 'From name' to e-mail settings.
  • Added 2nd design theme.

Bugs fixed

  • Fatal error when an option stored in database has non-existant callback function.
  • Some folders in Backend->System status were incorrect.
  • Script requires significantly less memory when sending newsletters.
  • Fixed a security flaw in Facebook Connect authentication.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting companies with related data.
  • Changed Twitter share link to comply with new Twitter UI.
  • Fixed a problem with resending coupons with transaction status other than coupon_sent.
  • Site options are now encrypted and cannot be read from website.
  • Fixed bugs with MailChimp integration, which rendered it unusable.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying images in file browser (in WYSIWYG editor).
  • Fixed e-mail to admin after successful deal showing 0 bought coupons.
  • Lot's of smaller bugfixes.
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