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New features

  • Added system status section in backend.

Bugs fixed

  • XML feed contained images referenced by relative URLs.
  • Error upon deleting users from backend.
  • Order statistics charts did not count orders with status 'coupon_sent'.
  • There was no way to submit changes in template editor in backed when opened in fullscreen mode. Fullscreen mode has been disabled at all.
  • PayPal Express Checkout payment backend did not show amount in PayPal.
  • Changed directory where generated barcodes were stored- previous directory may not be writeable. Barcodes are now stored in /public/images/upload/barcode/
  • Fixed "Send newsletter" functionality in campaign editor.
  • Fixed affiliate status changing in backend.
  • Fixed images not appearing in newsletter.
  • Fixed e-mail a friend form.
  • Fixed "Get featured" contact form.
  • Side deals are no more shown when deal is ended.
  • Fixed double opt-in when registering.
  • Fixed "Add/Change company" - users are now showing up properly.
  • My Profile->My Coupons did not properly filter coupons by type.
  • Misc. CSS
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