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Changes since 3.4

New features/changes:

  • Completely new backend design.
  • Multiple frontend/backend theme support.
  • Template editor in backend to edit templates without FTP/cPanel access.
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard support.
  • Newsletter status (sent/not sent) for individual deals.
  • Ability to re-send newsletters for individual deals.
  • Added lost password link to sign in form from the main page.
  • Added barcodes to coupons (can be disabled in settings).
  • Ability to disable the following frontend tabs in backend settings: Today's deal, Weekly deal, All live deals, Recent deals.
  • Add/edit/search newsletter subscribers.
  • SMS gateway support (EZTexting integrated to allow users to receive coupon codes via SMS).
  • Can force-subscribe user to default/current city when user signs up with Facebook Connect.
  • Multiple newsletter/e-mail gateway support. MailChimp integration included.
  • Ability to export payments.
  • Popup to collect user e-mail upon first visit. Can be enabled in site settings.

Fixed bugs:

  • Users who were only staff (access to all backend sections except users) were still able to export the list of users.
  • Added validation for deal categories form- users are unable to create empty categories.
  • Possibility to correctly localize day/month names in newsletter.
  • Reset password e-mail no longer contains HTML code.
  • Payment information (deal title) is passed to PayPal when paying with Express Checkout.

Known issues with this update:

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