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New features

  • Improved the template which contains coupon code(s), changed the coupon print view to use the same template
  • Improved the newsletter template, added site logo to it
  • Improved buy view - when quantity is updated, the total is updated as well
  • Added a view of coupons, ability to resend the coupon codes.
  • Ability to mark coupon as redeemed
  • An e-mail is now sent to site administrators when a new company registers
  • Added automatic redirects to deal when a user who wasn't registered tried to buy the deal
  • Added a city select for newsletters upon registration


  • Fixed some of referral links which were not still working
  • Fixed IE design bug
  • Fixed My Account and Cities drop-down menus which were not working in some pages
  • Referrals functionality is now the same as before 3.0
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