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New features

  • Added a view of transaction logs in Backend->Payments and improved the Payments display in backend.
  • Added an e-mail throttling functionality. It's disabled by default, and can be enabled in Site settings->Email settings.
  • Added a new template tag to be used in pages- [referrer_form] which shows a form where user can enter his friend's e-mail and that user is sent an e-mail.
  • Added ability to print coupons from user's profile.
  • Facebook Like is used instead of Facebook Share if no Facebook Application is available in Site settings.


  • Fixed some of referral links which were not working.
  • Fixed an error upon registration on some servers.
  • Fixed contact us and get featured forms.
  • Updated to CodeIgniter 1.7.3
  • Fixed the fatal error that appeared when accessing options.
  • Fixed Facebook share not working.
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